HiPP HA 2 Hypoallergenic Combiotik Infant Milk Formula Stage 2 (600g), 36 Boxes

HiPP HA 2 Hypoallergenic Combiotik Infant Milk Formula Stage 2 (600g), 36 Boxes

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  • Follow on formula Ideal for babies from 6 months onwards
  • Hydrolyzed protein
  • Natural lactic acid culture L. fermentum (originally obtained from breast milk)*
  • GOS** (from lactose): effective support for a healthy intestinal flora
  • Valuable omega-3 fatty acids (ALA), important for brain and nerve cells
  • Higher content of iron for cognitive development
  • Vitamin A, C and D for the immune System
  • Hypoallergenic for babies who show signs of allergies
  • Easy to digest
  • Contains PREBIOTIK (Oligosaccharides)
  • Uses natural lactic acid
  • 600g in each box
  • Makes 150 fluid ounces of prepared formula
  • Gluten-free


HiPP HA Stage 2 Combiotic Infant Toddler Formula is for babies 6 months of age or older. This hypoallergenic formula resembles breast milk in its chemical structure and provides similar nutrients. For babies with special dietary needs or who are prone to allergic reactions, HiPP Hypoallergenic Formula Stage 2 is a perfect option as it has low levels of allergens.

HiPPCombiotic Stage 2 formula is made using only the highest quality ingredients sourced from sustainable farms that use ecological practices. This formula contains no added sugars, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or hormones and does not use any GMO, synthetic, or artificial ingredients. 

HiPP HA Combiotik 2 Formula is made using hydrolyzed dairy. This means that the dairy proteins are broken down into small pieces so as not to be detected by the immune system to avoid allergic reactions. The ingredients of the formula have been specifically designed to cover the nutritional needs of babies. 

The term “combiotic” means that probiotics, prebiotics, and fish oil have been added to the formula. In the case of this HiPP HA Stage 2 Combiotic Formula, the prebiotic galactooligosaccharides (or GOS filaments) is used, which is the same prebiotic as what is found in breast milk.

This is the measurement we use for our babies, and it has worked extremely well for all stages.
If you do not have time to boil water or to use a bottle warmer, a quick tip is to simply measure out the amount of water needed, pour in the corresponding scoops of formula, shake to mix, then heat the bottle under running hot water until the correct desired temperature is reached. The instructions below are more detailed, as the manufacturer has specified on the packaging.

1. Boil water before each meal and allow to cool to about 122℉

2. Fill the bottle with about half of the desired amount of water

3. Fill the measuring spoon loose and smooth it out with the back of a knife. Fill the required amount of powder into the bottle.

4. Close the bottle and shake vigorously. Add remaining water and shake well again.

5. Before feeding check the drinking temperature (about 98℉)

The stated drinking amounts and the number of bottles per day are only recommended indicative quantities, pay attention to the individual needs of your baby.

HiPP HAHypoallergenic Combiotik Infant milk Formula Stage 2

Suitable from birth as exclusive bottle feeding or for supplement feeding after breastfeeding. Hipp recommends the following water to powder measurements:

Feeding chart

Quantity of water (ml - oz)

Measuring spoons*

Prepared product (ml - oz)


150ml or 5oz


170ml or 5.7oz


180ml or 6oz


200ml or 6.7oz


210ml or 7oz


235ml or 8oz



*1 measuring spoon = 4.6g ,**After the 5th month, consult with your baby's pediatrician for a feeding regimen.The quantities of daily feeding are shown for guidance only. Minor deviations are perfectly safe.